Cranfield University – Staff Engagement programme


We have worked with Cranfield University since 2010 in staff engagement.

In the process we have saved the university over £160,000 in avoided energy waste. Key to this has been the development of a thriving team of champions to spread the word and propagate savings through the university.

The challenge

  • Cranfield University are committed to achieving a 50% cut in their carbon footprint by 2020, and behaviour change is a central component of this.
  • The university recognises the importance of behaviour change, but lacks the know-how to engage staff and implement champion-led savings programmes
  • Staff champions are volunteers, so only have a limited amount of time to give. Hence any process must be resource efficient

The Solution

  • A rolling programme of staff engagement was launched in 2010. This resulted in the creation of a core team of around.
  • ZapCarbon’s AMR (automatic meter reading) package was integrated to champions detailed information on their local energyconsumption
  • Champions were given targeted training, and their capabilities matured over time
  • Walkabouts were undertaken with champions to better understand their challenges

The Result

Cranfield now has an active group of champions throughout the university. They are now capable of identifying improvement projects, and taking them forward on their own initiative.

In Summary:

  • A mature group of Champions across the university, operating autonomously
  • A much improved “shut-down” culture at weekends and evenings
  • Increased student engagement in departments and residences
  • Savings in excess of £160,000
  • Many champions eager to help with ISO14001 implementation


“ZapCarbon assisted us in designing and delivering engagement programmes for university staff and students…savings of around £50,000 over 12 months…very worthwhile.”

Gareth Ellis, Energy & Environment Manager, Cranfield University

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