What we do

We generate savings through leading-edge Carbon-saving programmes.

Since 2008, ZapCarbon has been driving Carbon reduction. Focusing solely on environmental improvement, we lead the field in our programmes and enabling tools.

We have solutions that range from household scale, right up to large corporate estates that consume energy worth tens of millions of pounds per year.

ZapCarbon’s senior staff work on strategic evaluations, while our experienced ‘on-the-ground’ Energy Advisor team work with end-users in implementing huge numbers of practical Carbon-saving changes.

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Understanding the problem

As well as supplying a large variety of technical measures, we have a strong focus on bringing people along on the Carbon-reduction journey. When people are properly involved, more opportunities are discovered and the scale of savings can be very much larger than initially thought.

Using innovative approaches, we analyse and understand the challenges of your organisation, and through detailed action create positive Carbon savings rapidly.

Your team

Strategy & Concept

Strategy & Concept

Although “Behaviour Change” is regarded as harder to implement than many technical efficiency measures (e.g. boiler upgrades), when done correctly, the scale of potential savings can be huge.

Using an innovative approach, we analyse and understand the challenges of your organisation and create positive behaviour change that translates into significant savings.

Already have an existing programme?

Our programmes are designed to integrate with existing initiatives and cater for the different phases of your environmental strategy. We cater for organisations that are still in the planning or pilot phase, to those who are a few years into their carbon management plan.

Moreover, we can tailor our programmes to your needs, including different staff roles and working environments.

fit with you

Support & solutions

We provide you with ready-made engagement programmes. In the “box” is everything you will need to run a cutting-edge programme. We will customise according to your needs and leave with the most professional, effective programme on the market.

As well as this, we provide full training, manuals, back-office support and KPI-based tracking to ensure that you

get the most out of your programme.

We cater for:

  • Small estates
    (less than £500k / year on energy)
  • Medium estates
    (£500k – £2m / year)
  • Large estates
    (> £2m / year on energy)
  • Housing Associations
    Bespoke solutions for specific needs

“ZapCarbon have provided innovative technology and a strong focus on customer service delivering a programme which has helped our residents make valuable savings and feel cared for by L&Q.”

“Liz Bell – Senior Energy Officer – L&Q”