The HealthyHomes Temperature and Humidity sensor

The sensor measures the average relative humidity and room temperature.  If the relative humidity is above 70% or the room temperature drops below 15°C, as an average over an extended number of days, a text alert will be sent with the relevant advice.

During the HealthyHomes visit, the assessor will install this sensor which will help to identify conditions that are associated with formation of mould. This information will help L&Q Maintenance take proactive steps to reduce the chance of mould growth.

Key facts;

  • The sensor can only monitor temperature and humidity
  • The sensor will be installed in the area with the worst mould / damp issues
  • If a red light starts flashing on the monitor – this indicates a low battery – please call ZapCarbon HealthyHomes on the number below.
  • If a green light flashes the sensor is updating data, which is it does regularly. It is nothing to worry about.
  • A monthly Healthy Homes information text message will be sent out
  • A text message with temperature or humidity data will only be sent if there is a potential issue. No news = Good news.

Call HealthyHomes on 0800 368 9266