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Everyone in ZapCarbon is passionate about making a positive environmental difference. ZapCarbon is a unique blend of skills in psychology, engineering and digital media.

We are confident that our passion for making a difference will provide you with the best solution on the market.

We work on large scale household programmes and staff engagement for corporate estates that consume energy worth tens of millions of pounds per year.

The Team


Andrew Smith – Technical Director

Andrew established ZapCarbon in 2007 to help share his passion for living more environmentally efficiently. As a Chartered Engineer with a PhD in Low Carbon Energy Systems he sees our move to a lower Carbon society requires a series of steps – steps that we can each take given the right motivation and tools. Behaviour Change is absolutely essential if we are to make the difference that we need.


Dale Holroyd – Commercial Director

I co-founded ZapCarbon to help engage and inspire people to make the biggest environmental change possible.Most of my time is focussed on developing operational and digital strategies for our behaviour change programmes. I also love looking at how technology can influence staff behaviour.


Kerry Hume – Programme Coordinator

I coordinate many operational elements within our behaviour change programmes. I take care of communication with staff and householders.


Mark Poulsen – Operations Manager

I work on our HealthyHome and HomeSave programmes; overseeing staff training, conducting audits and providing on the ground support for staff. I also assist with ZapCarbon’s mobile data collection platforms and R&D projects.

Certified Energy Advisors

Certified Energy Advisors

We have a National Network of Domestic Energy Advisors certified with City & Guilds with Level 3 Domestic Energy Assessor Certificates and Level 3 Green Deal Domestic Advice diplomas.

Jorn Krige - Designer

Jorn Krige – Designer

I use my passion for problem solving and experience in system design to develop effective web tools.

Ken Orr - Developer

Ken Orr – Developer

I am ZapCarbon’s Senior database specialist and lead the web development services. I have has been behind the functionality of all our products since 2008.

Brian Holroyd - Finance

Brian Holroyd – Finance

I take care of finance and also consult on costing models for our new technology and products. My main aim to to make our programmes and products produce the best return on investment for you.

Brandon Abdinor - Programme Consultant

Dr Dominique Koubovec  – Programme Consultant

Behaviour Change and Wellness Advisor – responsible for research on Behaviour Change, Health and Mental Wellness – Healthy Homes programme.

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