We are delighted to share the news that our Healthy Home Sensor has been shortlisted for the prestigious IoT Social Impact Awards.

Developed over a number years with partners at TT Electronics, our sensor now helps thousands of residents achieve a healthier home.

The Healthy Homes Sensor, developed in partnership between TT Electronics and ZapCarbon, brings to the mass market a simple yet highly effective solution to a widespread problem in social housing communities across the world. The combination of environmental innovation from ZapCarbon coupled with the electronics technology and IoT expertise from TT Electronics is delivering real social impact and change where it is needed most.

Benefits to residents

  • The real-time data provided by the sensor identifies potential problems instantly, enabling rapid resolution.
  • People are reassured that they can live safe in their homes by eradicating exposure to unsafe levels of humidity that can cause serious health problems including respiratory allergies and asthma.
  • Enables better quality of life and tackles fuel poverty.

Benefits to landlord

  • Potentially unsafe humidity levels are detected long before mould occurs – preventing costly maintenance remediations and keeping residents safe and healthy.
  • Saves money – reduced or eradicated maintenance on mould issues.
  • Improved service to the end users and fewer mould related claims