EnergySave visit resizeSince 2012, EnergySave, the award-winning programme for one of the UK’s largest housing associations, L&Q, has saved residents £12.5 million on their utility bills and reached 28,000 households across London and the South-East.

Working in close partnership, ZapCarbon have developed and deployed the programme that helps residents to cut their overall consumption and spend.

As well as helping residents to save money, the programme prevents an estimated 640kg of CO2 from going into the atmosphere per household engaged – resulting in a total of 35,840 tonnes of CO2 saved to date.

In 2016, we started extending the environmental benefits to include water-saving advice and fitting water-efficiency devices. The latest figures show that the programme will have saved an incredible 248 million litres of water per year by April 2018.

Additionally, since 2017, we have included a referral system developed for residents who are struggling with debt or rent arrears. Those in need are put in touch with the Financial Inclusion team, where they can access support from charitable trusts, budgeting assistance, food vouchers, benefit checks, and training courses. Following assessments, qualifying residents have shown to save an average of £3000 per year.

Robin Feeley, Group Director of Customer Services at L&Q said: “Often people don’t realise where and how they can save. When we go into residents’ homes, the ZapCarbon team can quickly identify where the biggest culprits are in terms of consumption and offer practical steps to help do something about it. Since it started, EnergySave has gone from strength to strength. And as L&Q continues to grow, we look forward to offering these services to even more residents.”

According to a recent resident survey, over 97% found the advice received “clear and easy to understand” and the clear majority would recommend EnergySave to a friend. High praise indeed, and a pleasure to be making such positive difference for so many people.