NATIONAL_AWARDS_2018_014 smallAt this year’s National Energy Efficiency Awards, ZapCarbon scored not just once, but twice! In an unprecedented recognition of the residential energy efficiency programmes we have been running, our EnergySave programme in conjunction with London & Quadrant came away with two awards.

“We are so delighted with this result” said Technical Director, Dr. Andrew Smith. “To us this demonstrates that the world has woken up to the importance of behaviour change, and recognises it a major lever to pull to cut energy waste”.

The EnergySave programme has been helping thousands of residents, many of whom are living in or close to fuel poverty. To anyone wanting to help such people, the programme has been developed to provide a complete service from targeting and lettering residents, through to a comprehensive in-home visit and post-visit follow up. Key to its success has been the accurate tracking of all elements of the service and tailoring to residents’ circumstances.

With the National Energy Efficiency Awards in the bag, we are not resting on laurels. Instead we are also entering programmes for the other industry awards.

Watch this space and fingers crossed!