Cutting down on food

Studies show that a sizeable proportion of people are unfamiliar with cooking, and thus spend a large proportion of their budget on pre-prepared food. The […]

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How to make stress your friend

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Introverts and extroverts see rewards very differently

Introversion and extroversion are not actually related to how outgoing or shy we are, but rather how our brains recharge.

Here’s how the brains of introverts […]

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Join the Hour

Join millions of people across the world who will switch lights off for an hour on29 March at 8:30 pm – to raise awareness for […]

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Build Habits that Stick

It is well document how hard it is to break old habits and to form new ones. What I love about this short but sweet […]

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Power of Public Pledging

One of the most important starting points to successfully engaging a staff population in pro-environmental behaviour change is to raise awareness. But are there good […]

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Getting Paid to Save Energy

This is a very thought provoking article in that it attempts to offer a rationale for a potentially radical government policy to engage householders in […]

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