ZapCarbon innovates in Low Carbon and Energy Efficiency.
Leading the UK in Shower Heat Recovery

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National Winner

Innovation Award

Innovation Award

Innovation Award

Energy Saving Initiative

Staff Engagement Award

Staff Engagement Award

Residential Energy Project

We help you generate major Carbon savings.

People’s habits massively affect an organisation’s environmental footprint.

ZapCarbon Behaviour Change programmes work on the ‘long tail’ of smaller, local improvement steps and projects. Although individually small, when aggregated these form a considerable degree of saving.

In our experience we find that most Environment Managers are only able to focus on the big-ticket items. When it comes to engaging with staff on smaller improvement projects, most managers have neither the time nor the skill-set.

Key to our success is the way in which we engage staff and help them carry out the improvement actions themselves.

This is where the ZapCarbon system fills the gap, allowing staff to engage in a highly efficient manner and generate significant savings.

A unique melding of Engineering, Psychology and Digital Media.

Our approach systemises Engagement and Behaviour Change, allowing any organisation to achieve excellent results.

Our clients include corporations, universities, hospitals, housing associations and local government.

We provide the solution.


Currently working on

London & Quadrant - Resident engagement

L&Q commissioned ZapCarbon to design and run an extensive resident engagement programme.

Cranfield University

We have worked with Cranfield University since 2010 in staff engagement.

Helping the Open University “GoGreen”

A decentralised environment requiring innovative tools to coordinate behaviour change.
Enable New savings – See Our Work –

Measurable Results

Families Helped
Positive Actions
Avg Savings

“ZapCarbon assisted us in designing and delivering engagement programmes for university staff and students…savings of around £50,000 over 12 months…very worthwhile.”

“Gareth Ellis – Energy & Environment Manager – Cranfield University” cranfield-ico

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