Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 13.39.20We are pleased to be participating in a very interesting piece of work on energy storage. Working with the Open University and MK:Smart we are involved in a study to see how much a home’s electricity demands can be satisfied from solar electricity if a battery buffer is introduced.

Typically a lot of PV electricity is exported, without the home making use of it. Yet in the evenings and night, the lack of PV-generation means that grid electricity has to be used to power the home’s demands.

Batteries can bridge this gap. Over the last 6 weeks, our home has been able to operate off-grid for nearly 90% of the time, with only occasional dips into the grid.

Living with batteries presents some interesting behavioural challenges. Having a discrete energy budget of stored sunshine certainly focuses the mind as to what appliances to run and when. Many batteries only permit a limited power out-flow, so sequencing of appliances can help in keeping your home ‘off-grid’.

All-in-all, a very exciting time for home energy.